4 Easy Ways to Clear Up Your Skin

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We've got four easy ways to get the skin you always wanted. Follow these tips everyday to see your skin improve and enjoy its healthy glow!

1. Wash your face every night before bed. EVERY. NIGHT.

Do NOT skip washing your face. It is important that you find a good cleanser and massage it on your face for a good 30-45 seconds to make sure you get all the impurities, makeup, and dirt off your face. Want a k-beauty pro-tip? DOUBLE Cleanse. Use an oil-based cleanser to deep clean, and then a water-based foam cleanser to clean the surface again of all impurities and leftover oil. You will only benefit from habitual nighttime cleansing for your skin. Remember also to GENTLY massage the cleanser and don't buy any that are too harsh or include micro-beads.

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2. Do not touch your face. SERIOUSLY. Stop touching it!

Do you know how much bacteria are on your hands? A TON. Excessively touching your face is only going to result in bad skin. As much as possible, do NOT touch your face at all with your hands throughout the day. Most people touch their faces at least 2,000 to 3,000 times a day! That's 2-5 times a minute! STOP IT. You are constantly picking up dirt and germs, and putting those directly onto your face and into your pores is pure madness. 

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3. Use SPF. Use it. There are no excuses for why you cannot use it everyday.

The sun is your best friend and worst enemy. Yes, vitamin D is a great benefit, and so is a tan, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF SKIN CARE, wear SPF to protect you from aging and damaging your skin! Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. There are new sunscreen products for every kind of skin, and also ones that do not feel greasy or leave a white cast. So there really is no excuse!

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4. Pat your face, NEVER rub.

The rule of taking care of the skin on your face is to be gentle and not rough. That is why using micro-beads is a bad idea. That's why you want a gentle exfoliator. That's why you had better start patting your skin dry instead of rubbing it so hard, Jan. Whether you are applying serum, taking off a sheet mask, or drying your face after washing, pat your skin gently! Tapping and patting will help you absorb the serums you use while patting dry will keep you from pulling your skin too roughly. Rubbing creates too much friction and can cause the sensitive areas of your skin to become inflamed. It also unnecessarily pulls and drags your skin. Patting your skin instead of rubbing it is the standard in Japan and South Korea, where skin care is a lifestyle.

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EXTRA TIP: Beauty Ingestibles

One of the best ways to improve your skin, AND the biggest trending beauty topic of 2018, is taking collagen boosting supplements. Vegan Collagen Booster by Fusion Naturals not only boosts your body's internal formation of collagen, but can also promote the healthiness of your joints! It increases collagen density and skin elasticity while decreasing water loss (locking in moisture) and skin texture (making skin smoother). Mix a packet in water, drink up, and let that glow turn on from within!

vegan collagen booster for smooth, supple skin

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