Berry Black Tea Protein Milkshake with a Citrus Twist

Google "Black Tea Protein," and you won't find many results. We pretty much have the only one! This gives us the unique challenge of coming up with the first recipes for black tea plant protein shakes ever. Good thing we never back down from a challenge! This is our first creative creation that combines berries, lemon, and a little sea salt (for a zesty twist!) with our black tea plant protein shake! 👁 See our recipe below the video!


🌱Organic Plant Protein: Black Tea Flavor 🍵

🥛 Vanilla Almond Milk (sweetened tastes best) 

🍋 Lemon (just a squeeze)

🍓 Strawberries (chopped!)

blackberry in black tea smoothie Blackberries (Just a few or it'll be too tart)

🍯 Honey (for extra sweetening if needed)

🌊 Sea Salt (just a pinch!)

❄️ Cubed or crushed ice (about a cup!)


Add ice ❄️

Add berries 🍓blackberry in black tea smoothie

Add a squeeze of 🍋

Add Vanilla Almond Milk🥛

Add Organic Plant Protein: Black Tea Flavor 🌱🍵

Blend thoroughly and pour into cupblender for plant protein→🥛

Add a pinch of sea salt 🌊  

Enjoy! 😋↓

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