Fusion Naturals set to launch new product line - Fusion Essentials at Expo West 2019-02-13

With the Expo West 2019 scheduled to start on March 5th running to 9th, a number of companies are lined up for the exhibition. Among them is Fusion Naturals, a woman owned / minority CA based company that promotes the use of natural and botanically infused products to maintain a healthy and beautiful body. The exhibition, which will be held at Anaheim Convention Center North Halls, brings together vendors and retailers of natural products.

At the Expo West 2019, Fusion Naturals is set to launch a new product line called Fusion Essentials. Fusion Essentials full line up will include: Locks (Hair), Motion (Joints), Glow (Skin), Mind (Focus), Peace (Sleep), and Digest (Healthy Gut). This is a beauty supplement line, targeting various concerns of women. According to the company’s VP of Sales, Amy Kajiya, they are filling a gap that exists in the market. She observed that there is lack of suitable healthy and effective natural and botanical supplements in the market, more so those that are affordable and target women. Amy added that most of the supplements in the market are made out of artificial ingredients with a few of the natural products with high retail price. Fusion Essentials, according to Amy, wants to change this, through providing natural beauty supplements that are clinically proven and botanically infused.

One of the factors that Fusion Naturals has always put into consideration is the affordability of their products. According to Amy, “we want to make sure our products are affordable for everyone.” “Keeping healthy and managing beautiful skin should not be preserved for just a limited segment of the demographic; every woman out there should be able to afford it, that is why we have always strived to keep our manufacturing cost low by investing in best technology to create operational efficiency while maintain our high standards and quality and making the products affordable for all” said Amy.

Fusion Naturals invites all in attendance to visit them in Hall D Booth#4317 and learn more about their great tasting natural products that will help improve health and beauty.

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