A4M Expo - Glowing Beauty Duo – Get Younger Skin in 14 Days

Fusion Naturals has launched its latest collagen beauty set at the A4M Expo for its 26th World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine on December 13-15, 2018 at Las Vegas, NV.

Fusion A4M Booth
The 26th Annual World Congress is expected to attract thousands of visitors, exhibitors and clinicians from across the globe and offers an ideal platform for presenting this new and innovative skin care product. The new Glowing Beauty Duo is Perfect for post-beauty procedures in the loss of collagen with its unique anti-aging formula that incredibly boosts the body’s internal collagen formation.

Glowing Beauty Duo features Vegan Collagen Booster which is an all plant-based, US patent-protected formula designed to eliminate various signs of aging by boosting collagen and antioxidant production. This breakthrough skin care technology produces rapid results for achieving healthier and younger looking skin in as short as two weeks. This collagen beauty set is also inclusive of Elixir Facial Mask which is used for instantaneous hydration with its advanced moisturizing effects. Its unique formulation ensures deeper penetration and speedy delivery for faster results.

Fusion Naturals beauty set display
When used consecutively, the collagen set is designed to achieve rapid results, compared to other skin care products in the market today. Mixed with water and taken once a day for twenty days, the Vegan Collagen Booster will kick start a rapid increase in collagen production. Once the body has started producing vital levels of collagen, the Elixir Face Mask should instantaneously be used for the next ten days to maintain higher collagen production. This set is a must have for anyone wanting to achieve youthful and beautiful skin care results in a short period of time.

Product quality and excellence is the key to sustainability. Fusion Natural’s advancements in skin care technology using small but calculated doses of carefully chosen elements interact strategically to achieve rapid results with no side effects.

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These potent formulations are made from extracted organic herbs in line with the company’s concept of producing and selling effective vegan-friendly products. Created from organic extracts such as bitter orange, spinach, Indian gooseberry, and blueberries, Glowing Beauty Duo is designed using a patent-protected formula that enhances the body’s production of bioactive collagen activators to augment collagen production as well as a myriad of various health benefits.

Fusion Naturals is a company committed to evaluating and proving that all their products are derived from clinically supported studies. This is to ensure that all products are safe to use with zero probability of any harmful side effects.

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