ABH Pharma at Expo West: Vegan Collagen Booster Top 10 Product

"Clean and simple packaging along with great branding. This company won our hearts in being a great new start up with a great product line."


Our Vegan Collagen Booster was a big hit at Natural Products Expo West this year! It was so successful that ABH Pharma included it in it's Top 10 Favorite Products! Fusion Naturals Vegan Collagen Booster is the ONLY plant-based collagen booster of its' kind on the market. In fact, our unique and original product is US patent-pending!

Natural Products Expo West 2018 Recap Interview with Fusion Naturals from ABH Pharma on Vimeo.

 As our flagship product, we are very proud of the work that went into creating the Vegan Collagen Booster. Scientific studies on our product have shown a 15.4% average increase in collagen over a 2-week period. Not only are our products packaged as "one of the best, if not the cleanest," but they are backed up by studies that show that they WORK.

Fusion Naturals is the fusion of natural, plant-based, herbal ingredients and modern technology to create fully-functional, advanced supplements. We produce our products in small batches to ensure optimal freshness. Our team may be small, but we are dedicated to providing the best supplements made with premium ingredients! Check us out on our Instagram page @fusionnaturals!


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