Strawberry Collagen Green Tea Recipe

Want a tea that is as good for your skin as it is refreshing? Yeah, we do, too! What's more, it's 100% vegan!

Tea Time

Strawberry Collagen Green Tea Recipe

1. Brew green tea and set aside.

2. Dice up ripe strawberries. The riper, the sweeter, the better!

3. Place strawberries in food processor and puree (or even a blender).

4. Strain the pureed strawberries through a mesh strainer and keep the juice while discarding the pulp.

5. In a large pitcher, mix the strawberry juice, green tea, water, and ice.

6. Add a packet of Vegan Collagen Booster and mix well.

7. If needed, add sugar to taste.

8. Serve and drink immediately.

*If you want to get fancy with it, use frozen strawberries (or fresh ones) as a garnish. 

*Vegan Collagen Booster is infused with blueberry, so expect a combination taste of berries and green tea!

*Enjoy the tea and enjoy the glow of your happy skin!

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Amanda Melody

After spending 8 years in South Korea and staying on top of the latest beauty trends, Amanda promotes inner beauty products via social media.


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