The Benefits of Biotin

The Benefits of Biotin


Biotin has become a hot ticket vitamin supplement for those looking to improve thinning, lackluster locks, irritated skin and brittle nails. However, Biotin provides more than beauty benefits. This water-soluble vitamin aids in some important biological functions.


Biotin, or vitamin B7, was referred to in the past as vitamin H, standing for the German translation of hair and skin, Haar und Haut. Aside from supplements, biotin hair growth, and biotin-enriched skincare products, it’s found naturally in many of the foods we eat. This list includes a variety of vegetables, cheese, egg yolks, nuts and nut butters, legumes, yeast and organ meats such as liver and kidney.


Here are some facts you might not have known about Biotin and the benefits it has for overall health.


How Biotin Improves Your Hair, Skin and Nails



In most cases, we receive enough biotin in the foods we eat to keep us from developing a deficiency. Women while pregnant and nursing can develop a biotin deficiency as it breaks down faster in the body.  Signs we’re not getting enough of this B vitamin include hair loss, red scaly skin and rashes and chipped, brittle nails.


What experts are unclear on, however, is what role its increased intake plays. What we do know: biotin improves the basic protein infrastructure of your hair, skin and nails known as keratin. When it comes to using biotin for these beauty benefits specifically, more research needs to be conducted.


If you find yourself experiencing more hair loss than usual due to stress, fluctuating hormones or a change in diet, Fusion Naturals has a beauty vitamin supplement that can help. Locks contains both biotin and keratin protein.


It also contains two bonus ingredients to promote healthy hair. Adding organic pea to this formula increases hair density by eight percent and reduces hair loss by 28 percent while botanical herb Foti is known for its anti-aging properties in Traditional Chinese Medicine assisting with aging problems such as hair loss.


Biotin Aids Metabolism and Diabetes


While biotin is mainly marketed as a beauty supplement, it does more to support your metabolism. The vitamin aids the enzyme energy production involved in the breakdown of carbs, fats and proteins.


With Type 2 Diabetes being a metabolic disease, researchers are studying how biotin may lower a patient’s blood sugar levels when combined with the mineral chromium. According to other research, it may even reduce diabetic nerve pain in addition to regulating glucose levels.


Other Medical Benefits


Although the studies are fairly new to the medical field, researchers are finding biotin to be promising in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, or MS. Affecting the central nervous system, this autoimmune disease attacks the protective sheath of nerve fibers called myelin. Medical experts are discovering that biotin might be a factor in producing it. 


In closing, there is still much to be researched about this popular B vitamin and all of its health benefits. Seeing how consumers and patients are seeing positive results, biotin is definitely a vitamin we shouldn’t ignore and may lead us toward future health benefits.

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