The BEST Plant-Based Protein is HERE, and NO it’s Not the One From Starbucks

While we plant-based enthusiasts applaud Starbucks for their effort, we think they could have worked on their formulations better because YUCK! Since I love the black tea and Swiss chocolate flavors that we have here at Fusion Naturals HQ, I thought trying the one from Starbucks would be such a nice treat, and a great way to compare the two plant protein drinks! I was so excited at the idea of grabbing a protein shake at the same place I get my beloved ultra caramel Frappuccinos!  I know most coffee snobs hate Starbucks, but basic girls are gonna basic. I thought I was the only one who thought the drink had an abhorrent flavor, but one quick check on social media let me know that I wasn't alone:

starbucks plant protein coffee fail

And it gets worse on Instagram:

new starbucks drink is super gross. plant protein?

Please! Can we get vegan protein that doesn’t taste like sand mixed with the Scrooge McDuck level bitterness?

We don’t mean to hate on Starbucks (we love Starbucks!), but maybe they would have had better luck using our delicious plant-based protein powders instead. We formulated our powders to not only be nutritional powerhouses, but super tasty as well!

Are you ready for an allergen-free, 100% vegan, multiple-blend, and enzyme-enriched plant protein that goes down easy? Of course you are!

Our USDA Certified Organic Plant Protein powders are available in two amazing flavors: black tea and Swiss chocolate! Each serving contains 20/21g of complete protein (Swiss Chocolate 21g, Black Tea 20g), so you know you are getting a great deal.

That’s not all. Our plant protein isn’t just made with organic pea protein, but also includes organic flax seed, organic quinoa trim, and organic pumpkin seed! All of these together make for a complete and nutritious protein powder that you’re going to love!

Fit protein easily into your life. Our packaging is unique in that each serving comes in it’s own sachet. No more worrying about tubs of protein that get powder everywhere. No need to use a scoop either! Just grab a pack, stick it in your bag, and have it ready to go anytime you are!

use organic plant protein by fusion naturals for on the go nutrition

It gets better! Not only do we have an excellent, organic, plant-based blend, but we also included a digestive enzyme blend to help you boost your digestion! We also included extra fiber to help you feel fuller, longer.

We've also got great news for keto eaters! Swiss Chocolate has 9g of carbohydrates, but 3g of fiber making this powder 6g net carbs! Not too bad, right? Our Black Tea blend has 7g of carbohydrates and 2g of fiber, making it 5g net carbs of deliciousness!

With all the evidence, no one can deny that Organic Plant Protein by Fusion Naturals is the best vegan protein around!

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