About Us - Our Philosophy & Values

Fusion Naturals was founded by Ms. Yin Yan, a hustling mom with an MBA and law degree. Over the years, Fusion Naturals has built a reputation in providing quality and unique products for women’s health and wellness.
Yin’s passion for homeopathic remedies came at an early age when she witnessed her grandmother, a health practitioner, use East Asian medicinal herbs to treat her patients. Her interest to embrace natural treatments carried on into adulthood.

Today, Fusion Naturals combines Eastern traditions with Western science to create beauty supplements for modern-active women. We work with top doctors and herbalists in Asia and the U.S. to bring natural and synergistic products for those looking for alternative remedies to conventional medicines.

At Fusion Naturals, our products are free from magnesium stearate, artificial additives, fillers, and gluten. We believe in using natural ingredients to promote health and wellness from within.